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  • How was Les Dieux foundet ?
    Please read more about our heritage story on our page.
  • What does Les Dieux mean ?
    Les Dieux means noun. God [noun] (with capital) the creator and ruler of the world (translated from French)
  • Where can I buy Les Dieux products?
    Les Dieux is available right here, on
  • Do you offer any discounts or promotions?
    All discounts/promotions are announced via our social channels .You can find the Loyalty program on our page
  • Are your products animal-friendly and/or tested on animals?
    Our products are produced in a laboratory which is certified for not performing tests on animals, for this reason our packages have the rabbit logo or otherwise called leaping bunny
  • Is the packaging made of sustainable materials?
    Yes, it is recyclable
  • Why is the date written in Chinese on the bottom of the packaging?
    Because we also aim to sell in the Korean market and according to the laws the date must be written in the language of the country where it will be sold.
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